Normal Magic

Normal Magic is a framework designed to help us consider how we look after our own mental health, and how we contribute to others looking after their mental health.

MAGIC stands for:

We ask you to consider how you are Being towards yourself when faced with your own personal life challenge. We also ask you to consider how you are Being to others when you are a listener for someone else facing their personal life challenge. We love how authors Treasure et al use typical animal characteristics to describe how we might be Being through tough times.

  • Rhino: are you Being bossy and full of “I know best?”.
  • Ostrich: are you Being avoidant and sticking your head in the sand to hide from yours or others problems?
  • Jellyfish: are you reactive and anxious when faced with your own, or when you hear about others challenges?
  • Kangaroo: are you the rescuing type? Always there for others but seem to get over involved and unhelpful?
  • Dolphin: are you open to exploring ideas, able to guide yourself and others with calm attentive nurture, listening with consistent patience, love and kindness? 

Check how you are being towards yourself and with those around you. Are you getting it ‘right’ for you? for them?


Active listening. We all need a good listener. But what type of listener do we need? Someone with opinion? Someone non-judgemental? Someone who can truly hear what we are saying? Active listening means the talker leads the conversation and decides when and if they want your view! What listener do you choose in what situation? Who is this?


Generate their what next. So someone has come to you to share something on their mind. But what do they want to do about this situation next? Let them lead their what next, even if you think you know better! If this moment in MAGIC applies to you we ask you to generate your what next and Get Going.


Inspire and be Inspired. If you are asked ‘what would you do?’ perhaps sharing what you would do will help someone steer their ‘what next’. Perhaps when you hear what their ‘what next’ is you can share how you are inspired by what they do to balance their mental health. 


Compliment: the process of anyone sharing what is on their mind is likely to mean they have insight, want to make change and are exploring options to find solution, find peace and restore balance. It is this process that we invite you to name and compliment. It is the insight and exploration that we compliment. 

We invite you to take a look at our Normal Magic Video. We hope this inspires you to Get Going and Share the Care.

Reference: Treasure, J., Smith, G. D., & Crane, A. M. (2007). Treasure, J., Sepulveda, A., MacDonald, P., Whitaker, P., Lopez, C., Zabala, M, et al. (2008)

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