10 A Day

“10 a day choices” is at the heart of Normal Magic. “10 a day choices” is a reminder of the choices we all have when life brings us challenges that compromises our mental health.

These films aim to offer an opportunity to you to open conversations with each other, with children and young people, about what we do for ourselves to bring a balance of peace, calm, joy, contentment. Every bit of balancing activity towards the positive side of stacking on our mental health see-saw can help us live through life’s negative side of stacking. 

All of our choices will be bespoke and unique to meet our own needs. We invite you to take a look at our ’10 a day choices’ video. What are your ‘go to’ choices that help you positively stack your see saw? What do you choose most? What do you choose least? There are no rights or wrongs. (As long as it is lawful and doesn’t harm anyone else!) Is there anything you would like to do more of? How will you do this?

Be inspired. Inspire others. Normal Magic is here for you to consider, explore and create your balance

Film download instructions

  • Download the video resources below
  • Navigate to the downloaded folder on your computer
  • Double click to unzip/open the folder and then click to play the video files

Poster download instructions

Click on the link below to access a zipped download of 11 A4 PDF posters.

These resources are print ready and can either; be sent to a professional printer, printed at home or opened on your computer using an appropriate PDF viewer/reader (such as Adobe Reader or Acrobat) and displayed on screen.

The download file is approximately 40mb in size.

Downloadable resources